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This weeks puzzle was developed at Bogon Bogoversity's Department of and is based on Simon van der Schmutz's celebrated "Theory of Humans and Their Little Thingies." (1983)

To solve:
1. Determine what all the names in the list have in common.
2. come up with the names of as many people as you can who have that same characteristic.
3. submit this list in the box below.
4. Contest will end and winners determined as soon as Dick Cheney reveals his Enron meetings or April 15 (contest extended due to overwhelming response, most of which sucked), whichever comes first.
5. include validating information in cases where it's not blatantly obvious that the person meets the criteria.
6. top 5 lists will receive a free copy of MFU (the book that predicted 9/11 verbatim more than 4 years ago).
7. Valid names will be added to the list which, at a certain point, will launch its own website dedicated to what these people have in common. To be notified, include e-mail address.

Here's the list, in no particular order:

andrew mccarthy
john cusack
jane fonda
michael douglas
gwyneth paltrow
george clooney
campbell scott
david carradine
charlie sheen
nick cassavetes
melanie griffiths
jennifer jason lee
drew barrymore
matthew broderick
liza minelli
robert carradine
emilio estevez
peter fonda
joan cusack
rosanna arquette
angelica houston
mariel hemingway
patricia arquette
griffin dunne
tim robbins
angelina jolie
liv tyler
jamie lee curtis
mario van peeples
lorenzo lamas
chris lemmon
david arquette
margaux hemingway
ileanna douglas
sigourney weaver
dweezil zappa
chyna kantner
mckenzie phillips
sophia coppola
pauly shore
mira sorvino
kiefer sutherland
adam horovitz
tony goldwyn
jacob dylan
bonnie raitt
george w bush
al gore
john mccain
andrew cuomo
jesse jackson jr
michael powell
bill daley
james hoffa jr
cokie roberts
william crystal
kelly wallace
andrea koppel
martin amis
christopher buckley
auberon waugh
gore vidal
malachy mccourt
ben stiller
candace bergen
james belushi
joey travolta
frank stallone
kevin dillon
mike norris
chris penn
jennifer tilly

How many names can you add that meet the criteria of this list? Top 5 lists win copies of MFU.


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