[ MRN - TODAY ] Today's all-new Action on the Mike Rosoff Network

Each day, Mike Rosoff personally tests all
the porno gifs on his net-
work in order to guarantee
total satisfaction to each
of his members.

This exciting new VR/AI product
virtually eliminates annoying celebrities and politicians -- in real-time. Test drive it today, only on MRN.

Chat with Sting, Cher,
Charro, Dion, Fabian,
Tiffany. 3:00-3:15 pm PST,
today, in the MRN Chat Room.

Today on the Mike Rosoff Network is updated virtually every minute by crack teams of highly skilled professionals, working long hours for low pay.

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Mike Rosoff reserves the right to completely transform any privately-owned service on his network in the interest of undoing the chain of validation at the heart of dishonesty, stupidity and greed, and to terminate any service without prior written notice simply because it isn't being filthy and vicious enough.

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