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Which was also the theme of this year's years and/or day or or both. Or, of course.

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So PLEASE! Contribute all you can to THE WAR ON NOT ENOUGH DRUGS. We MUST stamp out this there not being enough drugs thing, as it is making people be all straight and act all wacky because there just aren't enough drugs to go around. And there aren't enough strong enough drugs to go around either. So we must stamp this out. Please get some drugs and pass them around. Give some to Ted Turner, give some to George W. Bush who has not had massive drug ODs for at least 2 years, now, just so there would be enough drugs for the rest of us, that's why I'm voting for George W. Bush because he cares about whether the rest of us have enough drugs. But obviously he hasn't done enough. That's why I'm voting for somebody else. You asshole, Bush, why haven't you done enough to fight the war on not enough drugs? Where were you in the 60's when we were fighting against the Viet Cong for there not being enough drugs? We had to kill Kennedy because he was causing there to be not enough drugs cause he and Giancarlo Giannini, or whoever, were doing all the drugs themselves with Frank Snotra and Nancy Snotra and Lee Hazelwoood, yeah and what about Lee Hazelwood, where was Lee Fucking Hazelwood when we were on the front lines in the 30's fighting the war against the fascists who wouldn't let there be any drugs at all, let alone not enough drugs, let alone not enough strong enough drugs. But I go on...

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And what if all hip-hop is just a footnote to Steve Allen?

Raleigh Coupons -adelica

She ran the helices across her tongue. Thanks to years of conscious avoidance of training, she could tell whose DNA it was simply by taste, and name its mutations by name in order of year of related symptom onset, simply by texture. Blah blahb blah who cares.

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