Tuesday, March 18, 1997
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CIA Says DNC Compromised NSC

Wash, DC - ( March 18) - According to CIA official, Ellard Dees, the DNC may have compromised the NSC. "It's very possible the CIA sent FBI files to the NSC at the behest of the DNC," said Dees.

Former NSC Director, J.D. Kaye, withdrew his nomination to become CIA director over the incident saying, "I have gone through the past 3 months with patience, dignity and an erection -- but I've already lost the former, and I'm in danger of losing the latter."

Dees claimed that Ex-NSC head, Kaye, had CIA files on Bolivian Necktie CEO, I.J. Casey, sent to the NSC so the DNC could use them to convince the FBI that Casey was OK.

But Kaye claims that Dees lied to the CIA about the time the NSC OD'd on DMT.

Dees, however, said the CIA knew it was PCP and not DMT, and had actually tricked the NSC into removing Casey from the FBI list of KGB agents working in LA for RJR Nabisco.

"I have gone through the past 3 months with patience, dignity and an erection," said Casey, "But I've already lost the latter, and I'm in danger of losing the former."

Casey was later interviewed at JFK while boarding TWA flight 801. "OK," said Casey, "No one OD'd on DMT or PCP or even LSD. The FBI had warned NBC that the PRC wanted MFN, and if they hadda give M-O-N-E-Y to the DNC, they would do it at the tea following the Q&A."

Casey received an MS in EE from NYU, despite a low GPA, mediocre IQ and average SAT's,

At the trial, Ex-Bee Gee's vocalist, REO Speedwagon, claimed the LAPD had sent FBI files to the NSC by UPS COD but, since they weren't in ASCII, couldn't be read by the NSC's WYSIWYG WP.

According to CNN, HBO's film "CIA vs. NSC" will be rated PG in theaters, and TV-M, on TV.


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