Wednesday, April 29, 1998
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Exclusive!! Final Seinfeld Episode
Krapp's Last Picture Show

Del Mar, CA - (Apr 29) - The Washington Pissed has obtained a verbatim transcript of the so called "final" episode of the, apparently, "hit" TV show, Seinfeld, made clandestinely at the taping sessions, March 30 - April 8, 1998.

Though the style and substance of this script is a drastic departure from the normal style and substance of the Washington Pissed, and may offend some of our readers, we are printing it here, nonetheless -- in the hopes that the many corporate shitbags who will be paying up the wazoo for a 30-second spot on the final Seinfeld, will, you know, lose their motherfucking shirts.

Again, we apologize if this script offends any of our regular readers by not saying things like "whatever," or "like, you know, why fucking bother," or "Kirk Vomit Jr.," -- but, of course, we had no say in its creation.

If you think you might find reading a Seinfeld script an unpleasant experience and would rather not be totally bummed out by it, click here and read something from our archives, instead. Hey, stuff we did a year ago is even more valid and meaningful today. (We will return to regularly scheduled programming, next week.)

For those of you callous enough to brave the obscenity that is mainstream prime-time television, Click here for part 1 of the final episode of Seinfeld. Remember. We warned you.

(Disclaimer: we, ourselves, never watched Seinfeld more than 2 or 3 times during its 9 year run, and our printing this script, here, now, is a purely brutal act both of as well as against shitbag capitalism.)


actually, it's more like May 30, 1998

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