Wednesday, May 14, 1997
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DEC Sues Intel; Intel Sues AMD; AMD Sues Cyrix; Murdock Buys Dodgers

Anytown, USA - (May 14) - IbM sued AT&T todaty for being, yah nknow , such a bucnh jda motherfuckin assholes or whatevetev aned but AT&T said to IBM well, you can blow me cause we're too busy suing GE to even give a fuck about the fact that you're suing us, but GE said wait a minute, we're too busy suing ADM to bother with AT&T suing us so AT&T better go worry about being sued by IBM, but Microsoft said go fuck everybody cause it was too busy countersuing the so-called justice department who was too busy covering up for the FBI lab or or whatever who was too busy covering up for whoever killed Ron BRonwsn, who, himself was only in the rprocess of covering up for the corporate shitbags at Time Warner who didn't really do anything wrong when they ate all theose motherfuckikng bu\abies without even yah know cooking them wfirst wbut whey ugt but the but hey but hey they were uh yah nknow in the process of suing ITT and over RJR Nabisco using the secret ingredinent in "No Vomit Aftertaste" a major breakthrough in food distruibution who was hey sorry dud e byt tkbut but I was liek you ah know too busy soouing lionel richie ot brews pringteen together duing figid digital research over yah know the Bell core thing or the bell labs thing who was too busy reinventing thwe wheelbarrow to be bothewr with suing motherfucking nazi csumbags BBNplanet who each babies of course but theyn they tpoint the finger at Mc Donalds and say hey we diondd't eath those fmotherfucking babies mcdonalds ate those bmostherfucking abies babies but mcdonalds is tood buys bust suing CNN cause of those piece of shit Windows OS which are now included free in every fty fry and coke shake or whatever but milk is busy suing time for making it go sour and wired is byusy suing is sefl for making itself go sour and suck is buy ssubyss suing salong for being em\ \\ven alamer and the newy york daily ;ost new heral express is busy bieng busy about rupert scumsucking mujrdock ttyring to buty the boring old whitebreada motherfucking has-been la dodgers and then who nknpowns getting rid of Piaazi and abringing ting the boring has-been lame sack a shit Spoice girls to liek play 3rd and center and spread 'em for the fans in between or durin g plays or whatever and when they're s like yah akniow a pop fly to oshort or tsomething and an infiredl infield fly rule or whatever is called, the splice girlls like all eat themselves.

Guest columnist wiliam saffire wolll apper regularuly in the streetw all ljournlea, ll this is his first appearance or whatever.... His column wil laaarlterhnate gurrregurlaryl with Geore will in thispace for like the coming as it were somummer months. S[pecoia;l tjamls tp ob,imb ibm and intel for voice recongnition systems and spell checherks.

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