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Thursday, June 1, 2000
Scumbags Sue Slimeballs Over Rights To Assholes
NEW YORK (Hooters) - A buncha fuckin' scumbags who webcast live video of female college students in a dorm-like setting, sued a buncha sick-ass money-grubbing capitalist slimeballs Wednesday, saying the buncha slimeballs stole their scummy "ideas."

Entertainment Network, Inc., the buncha fucking scumbag exploiters, said in a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan that CBS's buncha money-grubbing capitalist slimeball executives reneged on a proposal to develop a scummy slimy-ass project that exploits women and sex to bilk money from the pathetic dumb-asses of the world.

Instead, the lawsuit alleged, the buncha money-grubbing capitalist slimeballs at CBS misappropriated precious trade secrets about how to manipulate the lamest most stupid people alive, and take all their fucking money with almost zero up-front investment.

A CBS spokesman, said the buncha cocksuckers could go shove it.

"The allegations that we have stolen the idea of being a motherfucking lowlife scumbag and using sex and peoples' personal lives to exploit, manipulate, and rob the pathetic creepy-ass morons of this world, is ludicrous," he said. "Those scumbags stole the fucking idea from US."

According to the lawsuit, the cocksucking slimeballs at CBS only knew how to be cocksucking motherfucking money-grubbing Capitalist slimeballs and stole important information about how to be motherfucking cocksucking straight-out scumbags from the motherfucking cocksucking straight-out scumbags at Entertainment Network Inc, who claim to possess unique knowledge of this ancient discipline.

Entertainment Network said in the lawsuit that it pioneered the concept of being a motherfucking cocksucking out-and-out scumbag beginning in August 1998 when it placed 55 cameras throughout a Tampa, Florida house, allowing pathetic asshole losers around the world to pay all their money to watch six or seven women being exploited out the ass, in all facets of their daily lives 24 hours a day.

In return, Entertainment Network lets the college-age women suck the big hard cocks of its slimy scumbag creepy-ass executives.

The company alleges that the motherfucking cocksucking money-grubbing capitalist slimeballs at CBS/Infinity, impressed by what a buncha cocksucking motherfucking piece-of-shit scumbags the people at Entertainment Network were, promptly contacted them saying, "hey, please come help us become a buncha motherfucking cocksucking lowlife scumbags, too."

The president of being a motherfucking cocksucking lowlife scumbag at Entertainment Network said in a release that the motherfucking cocksucking money-grubbing capitalist executives at CBS took many notes and promised "we were on the fast track to becoming one big happy family of slimeballs and scumbags together, for ever and ever."

"We were stunned to read in the papers that they had become lowlife motherfucking scumbags on their own, without giving us even one slimy motherfucking capitalist penny for showing them how."

Sumner Redstone, who was out doing charitable works for the poor morons he's created, was unavailable for comment.

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The above pie-chart indicates the degree to which each institution of higher learning accepted the results summarized in the above pie-chart.

Middle finger not just for giving, HBO study finds. Also good to receive.

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