Monday, June 14, 1999
  Bug Found in Y2K Bug

by HC

Cambridge, MA -- (June 14) -- A bug in the Y2K bug was discovered early today by researchers working at MIT, the Miller Brewing Company Institute of Technology.

The Y2K bug bug apparently lies dormant in the Y2K bug and is only activated when someone tries to fix the Y2K bug.

Once activated, the bug in the Y2K bug causes all calendars everywhere to start rapidly flipping pages (like in old 1930's black-and-white prison movies) so nobody ever knows what day or month it is anymore and everyone's condemned to go walking around like zombies all the time bitching and moaning to each other about how they don't know what fucking day it is so how the fuck can they know if they have to go to work or pay rent that day or not. So they don't do either -- and civilization is saved!!

Services and info company moves to strengthen position

In a move to strengthen its position in the lucrative market for providing services and information to companies that, in turn provide services and information to companies who, in turn, can't even seem to get it together enough to provide their own damn services and information, the Services and Information Corporation of Bethesda, MD, today, announced it would completely divest its DNA of each and every one of its damn fucking cytosines.

"This will enable us to focus exclusively," said Rebecca Sunnybrook, CEO of the information and services giant, "on providing outstanding services and information to the services and information industries."

"Of course," she added as an afterthought, "the services and information we provide are anti-services and anti-information -- which, unfortunately, perfectly negate all the services and information normally delivered by the services and information industries we serve."

Unfortunately, according to Sunnybrook, this situation means that civilization will be saved.


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