Wednesday, June 30, 1999

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ABC Judge Rheinhold   Has-been actor takes over for Judge Judy solely because of his name being, you know, "Judge". (CC) Spit City CC 08765 20/80 Myopic reporters forget their glasses, stumble on hot news stories, accidentally get it right. Whoops!. (RR)
Bravo Film: Train Stopping 4 People watch 6 TVs at once, live in a landscape made out of fuzz, and eat rat turds. They make their own beer out of potatoes and become maudlin on acid or angel dust, singing old depressing show tunes at half tempo. 81111 Film: "Sling Babe" (1997) A babe slings hash and wears her arm in a sling just so nobody thinks the title's just some made-up meaningless bullshit 30799
CBS Torched By An Anglo Various Anglos torch buildings, collect insurance (CC) 2 Anchovies, A Pepperoni and a Pizza (CC) 92140 Just Blow Me (RR) 476 Diagnosis: Lemme Try Another Diagnosis When I'm Sober (RR) 88774
Court TV The People vs. The Animals A child is accused of saying that being a child is the hard part of child pornography. "But the pornography part," said the child, a former child prodigy, child star, and child pornographer who chose to remain anonymous, "is so easy, any child can do it." (RR)
CSPAN Congressional Hearings: How can we give Amway and Archer, Daniels Midland, MORE Money and BIGGER tax breaks? (RR) Congressional Hearings: What should we have for lunch? (RR)
E! Channel
Senate Hearings: What should Hugh Grant and Elton John have for lunch? (RR) 6754 Senate Hearings: Should Pee Wee Herman be pardoned? (CC) (RR) 78
ESPN2 Arena Football On Acid (RR) 94586723583645537735 AAU Meth-Beer-Crack Triathlon 1234 World Championship Spit-boxing (RR)
FOX World's Most Incredibly Dang-Awful, uhhh, Something (RRR) 666 More Generic Right-Wing Rupert Murdock Low-Brow Sensationalist Bullshit (CC) (RR) 666 Beverly Hills, 911 (CC) 911666
MTV Puff Daddy Special Puff Daddy is honored for a lifetime of service (RR) (RR) (RR) Anniversary of Puff Daddy Puff Daddy is honored on his 3rd consecutive year of, uhhh, something (RR) Anything BUT Music Videos Pseudo Gen-Xers stand around trying to come up with ways to do anything BUT watch music videos
NBC Primetime Jive Avant-garde news show where anchors always have big fucking smirks on their faces while they tell stories of pain, suffering and despair (CC) USDA Blue MTV-generation meat inspectors (CC) 885566 ER, Uh, Uh.... MTV-generation surgeons at "Whatever Hospital"(RR)
NICK High Explosives -- for Kids (CC) (RR) 6660666 I Dream of Lucy (CC) I Dream of Rhoda (RR) 3333333 I Dream of the Concept of Dreaming, Itself (CC) 999
PAX TV Some Creepy Sentimental Crap A dying child wishes for and receives XXXX-rated hardcore girl-girl action (CC) (RR) 666 More Creepy Sentimental Crap A dying gerbil wishes for and receives an hour swapping stories with Richard Gere (RR) Hey, Goopy Right-wing Sentimentalists Can Be Brutal Cold-Blooded Murderers, Too Popular game show (CC) 666
PBS Ova Weekly series about an egg. This week, the egg just sits there. Waaaaaaaay minimal. (CC) Bill Moyers Special: "Gee Whiz, Ain't Nature (or whoever) Wonderful!!!"
TNN Wheeee Hawwwww, Y'All (CC) (RR) 2 Yodelayheeeehooooo, Y'All (RR) NRA Blue 'Nuff said. (RR) (CC) 8889 Grand Ole Operating Room Surgeons wear big ole cowboy hats, operate with pool cues (RR)
Cine: "Muerte, Muerte, Muerte." Un grupo de mujeres.... (RR) Cine: "Drogas, Drogas, Drogas" Un joven narcotrafficante or whatever.... (RR)

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