Tuesday, September 24, 1996
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SuNBCBS Unveils Online
Pol/Culture Zine

When SuNBCBS lured Editor Michael Kickass away from rival media giant CNNPRJR Nabisco, they gave him carte blanche to invent a whole new form of online journalism.

Now, after 9 months of intense work and input from the best creative minds in all media, the result is at hand.

"I named it SLAVE!," Kickass stated, "Because I want to cut through all the bullshit and find a common point where we all meet as equals. After much personal soul searching and a few soul-searching focus groups, I realized that no matter where we are on the ladder of success or failure, in the end, we're all just a bunch of fucking slaves. Slaves to bosses, slaves to peer pressure, slaves to human nature, slaves to our bassest intincts, slaves to an economic system, slaves to a narrow view of reality, slaves to military might, slaves to fear, slaves to need, slaves to survival. In fact, I'm surprised we're the first ones to use the name -- but, then, maybe it just shows the high level of understanding we've reached."

Aside from the cool name, Kickass claimed the journal would feature the same old faces telling the same old stories and the same old jokes in the same old ways, over and over again, ad nauseum. "Because of user loyalty to our brand name," he concluded, "We are guranteed a readership that'll swallow anything we feed it. So, in the end, who gives a shit what we print!"

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