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Chief of Neurosurgery
Job #504629896
Surgery:Neuro:El Supremo

Bidding is closed for this job.

Currently $9780.00 First bid $2100.00
Quantity 1 # of bids 15 (bid history)
Time left Auction has ended. Location eBay, Wisconsin
Started 11/16/99, 03:59:58 PST envelope   (mail some morphine to a friend)
Ends 11/22/99, 03:59:58 PST [Gift Alert]   (request a gift MRI)

Seller (Rating)
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High bid
Hanibal_L-007 (0)


Visa/MasterCard, Money Order, Drugs, Kidneys, Lungs, Spleen, First Born. See item description for payment methods accepted

Working Conditions

High bidder for the job will provide own scalpel or whatever, etc. Seller will provide microwave oven and fridge for OR. Special heavy duty tape loop of "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees" alternating with "Inna Gadda Da Vida" for use in extremely difficult "procedures" provided for additional fee.


Seller redefined the very concept of neurosurgery vis a vis this item, before first bid.

Relist item

Seller: Didn't get the surgeon wannabe or whatever you were looking for the first time? eBay hOspital will refund your relisting fee if you can get any clown at all to take this fucking job the second time around. Relist this job.

Seller assumes all responsibility for neurosurgeries performed by high bidder on this position. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before laying your head down on the table. Currency is in U.S. dollars ($) or equivalent body parts unless otherwise noted.
As Chief of Neurosurgery at eBay hOspital, you'll get to burst in unannounced smack in the middle of other lower bidding neurosurgeons' delicate (wink, wink) operations, grab the scalpel, or whatever, out of their shaky hands, and, screaming "NO! NO! NO! You fool!! Not like THAAAAAT!! Like THIS!!!" proceed to flamboyantly carve away in whatever fucking manner you just happen to be fucking predisposed to at the time. Can accept online credit cards. $5.00 transportation allowance from eBay bUs tErminal to eBay hOspital OR via eBay bUs lInes.

Free! Included with the eBay hOspital Chief of Neurosurgery position, this CD-ROM and manual, "Learning Neuro-surgery On the Fly: Bursting in Off the Street and Severing Corpus Callosa Like a Pro!"


Bidding is closed for this position.

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Monday, Nov 22, 1999
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