Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Prime Time TV Grid

12/3/93 8:00 pm 8:30 pm 9:00 pm 9:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 pm
AMC Movie: "Dial N for Entymology" Movie: "Dial S for Eschatology"
Bravo Theater: "No Dearth of Salesmen" Theater: "Hot Tin Roof, Underneath a Cat"
Cinemax Movie: "Dial R for Artlessness" "Artless: The Making of 'Dial R for Artlessness'" "Art: The Making of 'Artless: The Making of "Dial R for Artlessness"'" Zima: Watery Princess
CNBC Meet the Depressed Meet the Repressed Meet the Obsessed Press the Meat Mace the Nation Jon Hinkley's Journal
Corpse TV OJ
CSPAN Congressional Hearings: Fuck Marijuana! Senate Hearings: Positively Definitely NO CIA drug pushers. Right? Right?! Senate Hearings: Fuck Marijuana! (byob)
Senate Hearings: Did Clinton Kill Nicole and Ron? Congressional Hearings: Did Hilary Frame OJ?
ESPN2 WWWW Eyeball Wrestling WWXW Nostril Hair Wrestling Midnight Basketball in the Garden of Good and Evil
HIST World War II World War VI Civil War III
INTL Gznavzi Istafazi Galazi Knufu Galufu Kashoofu Kalaga Balaga Zalaga
MSNBC Your Glorious Glowing Digital Future CD-ROM: NOT a dead technology! The Web: NOT a passe fad!
PBS Frontlyin': "Why CSPAN Sucks" Bill Moyers Special: "Why Bravo Sucks"
TNN Dukes of Acid Jews of Hazzard Fly Ole Opry Crack Dance
USA Xenon: Gaseous Princess FEMA: Emergency Princess Slick Stall Kings
WGN Geena: Whore Princess Tina: Terrier Proctologist Pina: Warrior Colada


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