Monday, December 28, 1998
1998 In Pictures

Seattle, Washington, DC - (Dec 28) - According to CNN or the New York Times or somebody, there is, apparently, something called a so-called "year," and, apparently, one of them is just so-called, you know, like, totally OVER -- O - V - E - R!!!

And, according to either Time or Hustler magazine, or both, the year that is apparently OVER up the wazoo, was apparently known as 1998 because it comes 2 years before the so-called "Year 2000 Bug," which was named after Joe 2000 who apparently invented it and, in a fit of extreme hubris, named it after his so-called "self."

Anyway, the following pictures gathered from our staff around the world and even in so-called "outer" space and other dimensions, clearly more than totally sum up (while also totally revealing in all its stark nudity) the very heart of everything that so-called "happened" in the so-called "year," that is apparently, just so-called "OVER" -- O - V - E - R!!!

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