Boris Yeltsin continues being near death on a monthly basis. Threatens World Wars 15, 22, 23, 30, 33, 42 etc.

President Clinton steps down after 10-term presidency during the entirety of which, pundits claim, "nothing happened."

George W. Bush Jr. Jr. takes over as new president-for-life, at age 11. Immediately gets into War and loses eastern US to Viet Nam.

Dan Quayle posthumously wins Nobel Prize for Bein' a Dumbass When Bein' a Dumbass Wasn't 'Preciated Enuff.

After ruling Eastern Hemisphere uncontested for 25 years, Amazon.com finally turns a profit -- then blows it all on glue and Twinkies.

Y2.041K bug wipes out half of remaining half of civilization not previously wiped out by the Y2.04K bug.