Message from Provider:

The Cognitec/3rd Force Books Generic Mega-Best-seller Catalogue for 1995 has been temporarily removed from this server in order to be updated with recent changes in our forthcoming spring and summer releases.

We are presently re-vamping our entire generic mega-best-seller line, rewriting some books from scratch, discarding others, and adding over 35 entirely new titles which would not have even been considered, as recently as 1 month ago.

These drastic changes to our catalogue come in response to wide-spread predictions (verified by our own in-house research team) of near-term cataclysmic disruptions both in the nature of human consciousness, and in the standard narrative elements of everyday life.

As a result, certain topics and certain words will be rendered absolutely "unmarketable," while other ideas and phrases will suddenly, unexpectedly, become the only crap you can sell.

By staying constantly abreast of perturbations in culture and consciousness, such as these, Cognitec/3rd Force is better able to fulfill its commitment to serving the real needs of real people, with an unending supply of eminently saleable bullshit.

Thank you for your patience.

Copyright 1995 by Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc.,
all rights reserved.

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