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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Get the Fuck Outta My Hilbert Space
source: BE: The Journal of Onto Shit
posted: August 18, 2004, 1:01 pm
by: rmk
Ideas wanted to be noticed. They didn't even care what they were anymore.

So ideas decided to get as slimy and smarmy as they could. They decided to kidnap and BE kidnapped, to impregnate and BE pregnant. To be total fucking assholes and BE in the presence of even more boring total fucking assholes.

Ideas seeped into the processors under the hoods of cars and made them swerve out of control in the presence of people CNN and FOX couldn't resist.

Meanwhile, ideas kidnapped all the pregnant, murder, mistress, baby, news fodder that wasn't already run down by runaway cars.

The runaway cars was some other idea's idea.

It turned out there was more than one idea and each idea could be as fucking recursive as it wanted to be. Just like dennis rodman (anybody remember that asshole?) could be as big an asshole as he wanted to be, but does anybody remember THAT asshole?

It also turned out that half the ideas were found only in the back-projection portion of our signal (the signal which we are all, as everyone knows, apart of, and of which we are each only the lowest order most insignificant bit -- except of course for you and me, though sometimes, of course, I'm more not so sure about YOU than you are of course sometimes so not so sure about ME).

In the back-projection, when his car runs down a celeb or someone yet unknown but with a high TV-Q only now discovered posthumously on the fly, the mathematically idealized driver nonchalantly tosses off a curt, world-weary "yeah, whatever" at the anguished cries of family and friends squatting down on the ground over the bodies, looking back up at the vanishing tail exhaust of his Lambourghini convertible moving off rapidly into the sunset.

As revenge and in a brutal blood rush, the people who have witnessed these nonchalant hit-and-runs of loved ones swear to from now on always make ancient timeworn symbols take on new meaning, like using people's initials or hip-hop names as superscripts to number-coded concepts -- like 2JFK, or 5J-lo. Meaning "glad to see you, this isn't just a roll of quarters in my pocket" or "thank you for the flowers", respectively.

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