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Select a word or phrase from the grid below to serve as an entry point into the novel. Read a few words or a paragraph, then turn on a few TVs and start flipping channels. Connect to a few more websites and, while they're loading, return to this page and chose another entry point into the novel. Read a few words or sentences, then go flip a few more channels and hit a few links on the other websites. Then return here and select another entry point. Add drugs, music, sex, violence, community service. Repeat.

Beginning of Recorded Time  1st Birth Memory  The Next Big Thing  Find The Salami  Recreational Near-Death Experience  Crying  North American Repartition  Tennis  Awe  Celebrity Massacre  Cleanup  Rolling the Car Off a Cliff  World Ponzi  Crawling Naked Across Fields Of Broken Glass  Jet-Skier Water-Skier Collisions  Experiencing Someone Else's Extra-Sensory Perceptions  Murderous Coked-up Bodhisattvas  Goop  Satan  Concentrated PCP  #1 Mad Dog Killer Town  Idiot Precognitive Systems  The Call  Automatic Survival Zone  Accidentally Nuclearly Yours  Paid Vast Sums Just to Hang Around Doing Nothing  Worldspeak Proficiency  Pissing On All The World's Sacred Symbols  Disappeared Airliners  Complex Bullshit of Being  Slimeball on a Hot Tin Roof  Bonfire of the Dickbrains  Fame and Power and Ego and Sex and Wealth  Sharp, Slick, Well-trained, Caring, Highly-skilled, Tireless, Hardworking, Personable, Brilliant, Driven, Insightful, Powerful, Charismatic Professional People  World Hoplessness  Supreme Power Brokers  American Refugees  Slovo-Czechovskia  Most Innocent Person Alive  Resented by Celebs  Raised by Pigeons  Insect Chainsaw  Ruling World Cabals  The Pen, Mightier Than The Cigarette

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