Washington, Wall Street, and the Red-
Herring, Lip-Service, Straw Men From Uranus


by Most Fucked-Up Person Alive
Human/Software Group

488 pages
ISBN : 0-922950-30-X

A Cognitec/3rd Force Trade Paperback

America's leading fuckups, whose political-sci-fi yawners Blow the Rich, Eat the Poor and Vermin and Children First, have helped focus the thinking of whole generations on the critical problem of not enough drugs, now turn their intellectual spotlight on the even more critical problem of not enough strong enough drugs, and the drastic measures necessary to protect our world against dickheads from other planets.

Raised on the twin myths of "Golden Hurricanes for Everyone," and "Connectivity: the Barbarian," the insiders and cabalistas of the Washington and Wall Street elite, have already become the albatross around the necks of their foundling fathers.

Afraid of feeding at the trough of swollen excess, afraid to purge themselves of the largest single collection of capital excess, these assholes have now crystallized themselves into the rigid force that will save our country from its own drastic measures to save itself from the excesses of the albatross of the concentration of domination by a few leftover space case manques from Venus or Pluto who have seduced the bureaucracy with the outlines of their drastic measures to crystallize the growth of the frustration of our swollen fear.

Most Fucked-Up Person Alive, whose self-styled blockbuster bestselling books have become the albatross of a generation of thinkers, and predicted all kinds of earthquakes and Superbowls -- now has come up with even sicker cures for the stupidities of human excess, in the guise of parables about left-handed moons and a lost generation of world sycophant-savants and idiots-terribles.

In this book, they put forth their original watershed doctrine that information and class are what you do when you're drunk, and that what is needed is a "full-world regurgitation," in order for markets and governments and souls to purge and revitalize their blueprints for further upheavals in future blueprints of attempts at various discussions of remedies.

Due April 6, 1995
from Cognitec/3rd Force Books

Copyright 1995 by Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc.,
all rights reserved.


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