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Top 10 Rejected Wired Covers

Wired Magazine is noted for the originality of its covers. Each month they use the same original cover they used last month or two months ago -- you know, the face of some media CEO on the body of some cartoon character or action-hero or cartoon action-hero. Or else some 70's pop star gone cyber-hip to try to beef up dwindling royalties.

This abundance of creativity made us wonder about the covers they didn't use. So after a quick study of the MIT Lockpick Guide, we broke into their offices one night, fished through their garbage, and found stacks of mock-ups of ideas that just didn't quite make the final cut.

So here, now, The Top Ten Covers that Wired Magazine just couldn't bring itself to say "yes" to: (Click on each cover to see the next; click on the number to return to C/3F What Snooze.)


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Note: this thing was done like 10 decades ago in 1995. Nobody gives a shit about Wired anymore. Wired was OVER 3 years ago. Saying Wired Is OVER was OVER 2 years ago. The Washington Pissed is NEW 3 times a week. Read it!

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