Tuesday, June 17, 1997
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Microsoft Endorses Some Standards or Something

Redmond, Washington - (June 17) - Yesterday, or last week or something, Microsoft said they'd endorse some standards or something. According to Chairman, Bill Gates, "Microsoft will endorse some standards or something, yah buncha sick motherfuckers."

PC Expo Is

Apparently there's a PC Expo. According to experts, it is.

NetPCs Unveiled

Apparently, some NetPcs were unveiled, or something.

Murdock Buys Something

Rupert Murdock bought something last week. According to CNN, it was Pat Robertson's Kiddy Porn Network. According to Rupert Murdock, "I just bought something." According to Pat Robertson, "Rupert Murdock, that sick slimy motherfucker, apparently bought something from me. It was either my kiddies or my kiddy porn network. But who gives a fuck."

Murdock Sells Something

Murdock also sold something. "Hey, I also sold something, ya slimy motherfuckers," said Murdock.

Rodman Appears on World Championship Wrestling

Dennis Rodman appeared on World Championship Wrestling, last night. But instead of smashing a folding chair over someone's head and kicking him in the balls and biting his fucking head off and tunnelling down through the neck and eating his fucking heart, Rodman told the 85,000 attendees they were a buncha sick motherfucks and if they wanted to save their sorry asses or souls or whatever, they better start reading more, you know, "fuckin' Kierkegaard and Derrida, man."

King Found Dead

Either Larry King or Don King was found dead yesterday. Though coroners were too fucking drunk or stoned to make a positive ID, they immediately determined that the victim had apparently died from accidentally schmoozing himself to death.

Blah Blah

Apparently, blah blah.


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