Monday, September 15, 1997
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Wacky Space Station
Sweeps Emmys

LA or NY - (Sept 15) - The Mir space station won 27 Emmys last night at the approximately 49th annual Emmy award ceremonies show held in some big room in probably either New York or Los Angeles and hosted by probably Arsenio Hall or Madonna or Sting.

The "4th Mir Computer Shutdown," was the big winner of the evening, garnering 3 Emmys for coolest computer shutdown, coolest life-threatening computer shutdown, and best series where you can't really tell if it's a comedy, drama, or musical variety show.

The "Crash Of The Soyuz Supply Ship Into The Spektr Module" won the award for the best crash of a supply ship into a space station research module, and the show where Cosmonaut what's-his-name called the Russian ground controllers "a buncha fuggin' azzholes" won the Emmy for the best miniseries where somebody calls somebody else a "fuggin' azzhole."

Other awards went to:

"The Nude Republic," best softcore porn series based on a pedestrian monthly journal of political opinion.

"Chances Aren't," best new sitcom about hopelessness and despair based on an old Johnny Mathis tune.

"Of Course You Only Perceived What You Know You Deserved," best new sitcom about people misinterpreting the ways they put each other down.

"Express Abstractionism," best comedy series about a hip new art movement where people start acting all weird on certain kinds of trains.

"HTML," best dramatic series about a markup language.

"Robot Exclusion Protocol," best new dramatic series about an exclusion protocol.

Also the popular "Lawn Order" won the Emmy for the best dramatic series about gardening, while its spinoff series, "Lawn Ordure" won the Emmy for the best sitcom about sexual perversion in a fertilizer industry company town.

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