Wednesday, September 25, 1996
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Artist Revises Famous Quote
from Grave

Livermore, CA, (Sept. 25) - Trance medium, Kirk Vomit Jr., told reporters today that he was recently contacted by the spirit of dead Pop artist, Andy Warhol.

According to Vomit, Warhol suddenly appeared during a seance held at his small astrological and tarot studio in downtown Livermore, "We weren't trying to contact him or anything, but he showed up anyway and started ranting and raving about how he'd been badly misquoted on the whole '15 minutes of fame' thing and how he couldn't rest in peace 'til he'd set the record straight."

Warhol's spirit (sic) then dictated the correct version of the famous quote, but when he was done, apparently broke down crying and confessed that he hadn't really been misquoted at all, but the line just sounded so lame, he couldn't bear to be remembered by it anymore.

According to Vomit, the new quote that Warhol did want to be remembered by was: "In the future, everyone will cease to be an asshole for 15 minutes. -- Whoops, looks like everybody's 15 minutes is already up!"

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