Thursday, December 12, 1996

Prime Time TV Grid

12/12/93 8:00 pm 8:30 pm 9:00 pm 9:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:30 pm
ABC Miniseries: "Bastard Out of Caroline in the City" Murphy Brown Blue American Radiators
Bravo Film: "Waiting for Godot to Exhale" Film: "Swimming to Cambodia With the Sharks"
CBS Martha Stewart's Extreme Championship Wrestling Kinda' Christmas Cistern, Cistern ER... UH... UM...
Court TV On Trial: Like should, ya know, wearing, like, Black Lipstick to School an all, be, like, ya know, a capital offense, an all?
CSPAN Congressional Hearings: The Rich Need MORE Fucking Money! And Fast! Senate Hearings: Medicare, Welfare, Social Security, Telecom Reform, Campaign Finance Reform Senate Hearings: Let's really screw the poor good, this time.
Senate Hearings: Should Hugh Grant be pardoned? Congressional Hearings: Should Pee Wee Herman be pardoned?
ESPN2 MethWeek World Championship Spitboxing SmackWeek
FAM Sentimental Christmas Crap Creepy Christmas Music Please Don't Commit Suicide This Christmas
FOX Rescue 911, Unplugged Rescue 911 Bloopers 911 Extreme Beverley Hills, 911
MTV Tupak Shakur Saves Christmas Havin' a Dr. Dre Kinda Christmas Hole Saves Christmas Killdozer Saves Christmas
NBC Primetime Jive USDA Blue UC Irvine Blue
NICK Nick at Knifepoint I Dream of Lucy I Dream of Rhoda I Dream of the Concept of Dreaming, Itself
PBS A Commie, Pinko, Liberal Tax-and-Spend Christmas Bill Moyers Special: "Gee Whiz, Ain't Nature (or whatever) Wonderful!!!"
TNN Wheeee Hawwwww, Y'All Yodelayheeeehooooo NRA Blue CrackBarn Dance
TNT Charlie's Harleys My Mother the Java Applet NBA Basketcaseball
Cine: "Muerte, Muerte, Muerte." Cine: "Drogas, Drogas, Drogas"


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