Monday, December 30, 2001
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2001 or So: The Year in Review

Kamloops, BC - (Dec 30) - In case you were lucky enough to sleep through it, the year that just went by, 2001, or whatever, didn't really seem to have a best or worst of anything. And, as a result, there's no way anybody can review it that wouldn't be a fucking lie.

According to a leading year-end-review industry analyst whose pending litigation forces her to remain anonymous, "At best there were, like, 3 categories where maybe there was a number 9 or number 10. But it's obviously time we, as a nation, faced up to the idea that reality has, you know, essentially played itself out. Laid down its last card in its last hand. And the only real question left now is, like, who's gonna' clean up the mess after it's gone?"

"On the other hand," said an analyst whose name was withheld pending notification of next of kin, "Since it was a year of neverending fuck-ups, it was also, therefore, a year when the error messages that attempted to cover up and distort those fuck-ups, gained increasing importance in the everyday lives of everyday Americans.

"In particular, the Mike Rosoff Network distinguished itself, during 2001 or so, by rising to new heights of customer service and, uh, member support, with a totally re-designed system of error messages, employing a unique neural net frontend personal web/network spider bot agent kinda thing."

Below, therefore, are links to 5 of the error messages that helped make 2001 the kind of year where, somehow, you really didn't mind it all that much, when things either incessantly fucked-up, or, you know, just plain sucked:

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