Most Fucked-up Person Alive
Tells All

The Autobiography of Being Pissed Off

212 pages
ISBN : 1-886404-02-X
A Cognitec/3rd Force Book

Copyright (c) 1998 by HC


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Congratulations!! By the grace of some fucking search engine, you've managed to stumble on the original homepage of the Internet's first electronic indy novel, Most Fucked-Up Person Alive Tells All

First published online in December 1994 by its author, the mysterious and reclusive HC, Most Fucked-Up Person Alive Tells All was released in paperback in August 1998 as MFU by The Impermanent Press.

Sections 2-9 below, are from the original online version and represent about half of what's in the paperback. Though many of the rough spots and fuck-ups had not yet been edited out, they're being left online for historical reasons, and to provide the potential reader of the book with a good idea of what's in store.

[Note: HC currently writes the popular, award-winning, daily satire column The Washington Pissed.]

The ASCII text of these sections is provided below, for reasons which seemed more relevant 4 years ago:

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