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Monday, August 23, 2004
Rage Horde
source: Raging Bullshit
posted: August 23, 2004, 12:01 pm
by: rgb
Instead of performing, they had to expend all their finely honed skills and hyper-focussed energy on holding back the raging hordes who just wanted to kill them now.

Though kept in jars for years, they'd nonetheless managed to draw themselves together to propagate the ideal that people needed to constantly try to kill themselves in order to be most fully alive.

Just like walking is constantly falling forward but never falling down, living, they argued, is constantly committing suicide but never winding up dead.

So living was trying, with every waking breath, to die -- but always failing at the last possible moment. Always "choking in the clutch" when it came to death.

And this, all in the name of the cause of entertainment.

And this, ALL for society's fucking sake. Not for fucking yours.

But did society even appreciate or understand? Noooooooo. Which is why they were rushing the stage or the field now. They were tired of you pissing on them. They were tired of you not giving them what they wanted -- but everybody knew that what they REALLY wanted WAS you pissing on them, and NOT giving them what they THOUGHT they really wanted -- and so the REAL reason they were rushing the stage or field now, trying to kill you, was because you'd given them TOO FUCKING MUCH of what they wanted, and they were sick of it, and sick of realizing that what they really wanted was the opposite of what they kept telling themselves they really wanted.

Fortunately the police are able to hold them off at the barricades with rubber bullets, tear gas, and new sonic weapons, and new nanotechnology Placebo weapons which work by just shooting out harmless blue light beams, but people always think it's some kind of super laser -- and with killer nano-technology to boot -- and so the placebo effect kicks in and their skin starts to burn.

Ladies and gentlemen, you try to speak to them over the PA system once the police have them a little more under control, ladies and gentlemen, Please... I know... yes, thank you..., I know.... I know you want to kill us right now (pause while audience screams and applauds in the affirmative) -- but, I think you should know that... we WANT you to kill us even MORE than YOU want to kill us.

But that means... that you're NOT independent agents following your own desires and drives to kill us with love or love us with murder, but rather, taken collectively, you're just a blunt instrument, created by us to kill ourselves with -- YOU are the method of suicide to be listed on our forthcoming death certificate, instead of a gun or fall or Phenobarbital.

The audience, hearing this, quiets down, grows all sullen. The police hand them nanotechnology marijuana candy to further mellow them out, and doritos vendors are placed on high alert.

A nanotechnology omni-mike pervades all the air and picks up everybody's speech, sighs, movements, body sounds, and an auto-sensing system routes it all now to the PA.

Suddenly, everybody gets all recursive. The physical elites evaporate and lazy thugs fill the vacuum. So though violence is now no longer methodical and perfectly honed, it is now more sloppy, random, incomplete, illogical, deleterious, self-negating, counterproductive, unfocussed, underachieving, forgiving, forgetting, and stupid.

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