[ SPRING 1995

Coming, this spring, from Cognitec/3rd Force Books

Below is a list of the science fiction titles to be published by C/3FB
during the second quarter of 1995. (Dates are approximate and
subject to change.)

All books are written and produced by the human/software group
known collectively as Most Fucked-Up Person Alive -- the same
team responsible for the runaway, self-styled, self-obsessed
best-seller, Most Fucked-Up Person Alive Tells All.

Week of April 1-7

The Moon is a Harsh Dune
The Dispossessed is a Harsh Foundation
The Left Hand is a Harsh Mistress
Speaker for God's Eye
Second Robot Rising
The Caves of the Deep
Dunes of Steel
More Drugs, Please!

Week of April 8-14

I, Rising
I, Zanzibar
I, in God's Eye
*I* is a Harsh Mistress
The Fall of The Ring
The Fall of the King

Week of April 15-21

The King of the Ring
The Ring of the King
The Forever Ring
Forever is a Harsh Mistress
Mistress Rising
Mistress in Amber
I, Amber
Robot of Light

Week of April 22-28

Naked Crash
Forever Naked
Naked, in a Strange Land
Lucifer's Edge
Foundation's Hammer
The Hitchhiker is a Harsh Hammer to the Galaxy

Week of April 29 - May 5

Citizens of Light
Marooned on Zanzibar
The Peace Crash
I, Crash
I, Foundation
Citizens of Steel
I, Hitchhiker
I, Guide
I, Forever
The Galactic Dispossessed

Week of May 6-12

I, Dispossessed
Lord of the Hammer's Edge
Rendezvous with Lucifer
Rendezvous with Forever
Strange Amber Uplift

Week of May 13-19

Magician of Strange Darkness
Starship for the Dead

Week of May 20-26

The Speakers in God's Cave

May 27 - June 20

Marooned on a Harsh Horse
I, Horse
Lord of Lucifer's Eye Patrol
King of "The Second of Two Towers" Foundation

Copyright (c) 1995 by Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc.,
all rights reserved.


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