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  0. consider, then opt out
To get the most out of Stall: Download it, print it out, then lose it in a stack of papers. -- Like the web, STALL is for talking about, not for reading.
  grief bin  
  1. bl*w me
What Price Money?
By Klaus Kinsky
  2. nothing happened / but let's pretend it did
New on Monday, September 23
  3. why other zines suck
8 rags dismissed in under 40 words each
Updated Monday, September 23
  4. the ho's race

Who's the biggest ho' this week? Analysis by Woody Harrelson & Woody Allen
  5. slime mold

Panic Express
By Robert Schamm (and the Pharaohs)
  6. pissed-off scientist

Cognition - for the Hell of It!
By Dr. Paul Revere (and the Raiders)
  7. bull with a bullet

Will Dole Drop Out? -- Yes!
Will Clinton Drop Out? -- Yes!

By Umberto Umberto
8. mondo lenin
9. autobio  9/23/96
  back door
			 by generic artist #4     15. *.mov

Xanax Xpress
Breakfast at the International House of Panic Attacks
By Mike Rosoff

Parental Guidance
Recursive Kin Trashing in
Kathy Acker, My Mother
By Nastassja Kinsky
  16. remote control  
    17. clothes lyin'

From Kidney Piercing
to Face Cuffs
Fashion may not be just for losers anymore.
By Warren Christopher with Warren Beatty
no concept

Political Thought
It may not be "just for morons" anymore
By Jack Kemp and Carrot Top
    19. slamlet

"Elevator Test"
By Alan Smitty
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  E-Grovel to our Editors
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  Burnt Toast
Here are the kind folks who've burned themselves out for STALL , so that Stall could sell you out to its advertisers.
  Post Comm
Communication is just the act of moving a load of information from one place to another. This is where you come, days after the communication act is over, when you suddenly realize you do want to absorb the information after all, but don't have it anymore.